Well problems? We’ll fix it right!

Welcome to A&T Pump Service and Excavating

WHEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR WELL, Call Us WE’ll FIX IT RIGHT! If your water is not flowing and your pump is not kicking in, we’ll find the problem and let you know the best solutions. Check out our Testimonials about what our customers say!

We have a 90 Mile Service Area, including the Duluth-Superior Metro Area, East Central Minnesota, and Northwest Wisconsin. At A&T Pump Service we work with both Residential and Commercial well and water systems with drilling, digging and repair.

We provide high quality, efficient installation of new wells, updates and repairs. We do all of our excavation of water lines and repairs. We work with the customers not just for them. We plan new well systems with over 25 years  experience. We have resolved countless emergency repairs for Commercial and Industrial businesses and Residences. We use the right equipment and skills to get the job to customer satisfaction.

See more about what our customers say in TESTIMONIALS!

Let us know what work you need to have done, or what problems you are experiencing with your system. If Out of Water, call or text Arin anytime.

Send us a request and we’ll get back with you as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us

Because our customers say so. Please read the Testimonials from our customers over the years.
Whether the job is an quick response to being out of water or an update that also requires excavation, our customers tell us they’re happy with the work.
Residential and Commercial Services. All our customers talk about our upfront and professional services!
Our professional pumping services combined with reasonable prices keep our customers coming back.

Our Happy Clients!

"Arin, Thank you so much, you guys worked sooo hard and were willing to figure things out for me."
- Lil
"Thank You! The water works great! If there ever was a winter to test it, this was it."
- Dan
"Very impressed and gratified for such quality service!! Thank You!"
- Christine

Our Associations

Licensed and Certified in MN and WI

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