Constant Water Pressure Systems are ideal for residential and commercial uses.

The SQE is the only constant pressure pump that allows advanced computer control with state of the art features including sophisticated diagnostics. The motor design is a Variable Speed Drive which electronically changes the pump speed to match demand providing you with the incredible comfort of constant pressure.

Since the pump ramps up from one phase to another based on water usage, the ramping up and down, and especially the start-up are much less harsh resulting in an extended life of your pump. 

Technological advances built into this system qualify it for a top choice for convenience, efficiency and cost savings! Residential and light commercial systems offer convenient controls wall unit controls. The 3 Phase Submersible pump or variable frequency drive smooths out the start up then the ramping up and down starts and stops to your system as each phase qualifies the next higher pressure as needed.

Your A&T Pump Service expert will provide the consultation you need to make the right decisions on your system, guaranteed!




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