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A&T Pump Service works with both Residential and Commercial well and water systems.   image2We use the best products available and install our products and systems affordably. We sale and service all submersible well pumps. These pumps include: Solar powered, variable frequency drive, SQ standard 3” pump which work good for 4” well, and standard 4” submersible ranging in HP.

Sales, Service & Repairs:
Licensed in Pipe Layers, Sewer and Well Work for Minnesota & Wisconsin, Aermotor Advantage Dealer, Sta-Rite Professional Dealer, Professional Dealer Association (GPDA), and  Grundfos Water Pro Dealer.

Constant Water Pressure Systems
➥   Pump Performance Adjusts to your water needs Automatically
➥   User-Friendly, Convenient Controls
➥   Ensured Constant Water Pressure
➥   High quality Booster Systems available

Submersible Pumps with efficiency and with unique hydraulics that image3minimize wear even when pumping  abrasives
➥   High Efficiency, High Resistance to sand and other abrasives
➥   Easy Maintenance
➥   Complete Monitoring and Control Systems available for constant optimization of the pumping system
➥   Discharge and motor brackets available in Thermoplastic and Stainless Steel
➥   Includes a Removable Check Valve System
➥   Available in Various Sizes

➤  Water System Tanks with the latest designs in the finest quality, custom mill steel in a deep drawn dome for  extra strength with less weight
➥   Pre-Pressured well tanks
➥   With Sealed-In Air Charge
➥   Unique Water Chamber design

No Tank Systems

➥   Pre-pressured Well Tanks replacing standard pressure tanks where space is tight
➥   Eliminates tank noise and condensation, and freezing problems for slab homes
➥   Reduces exposed piping
➥   Provides Consistent Water Pressure
➥   Extends Pump Life
➥   Handles Higher Usage and accommodates Residential, Farm and Light Industrial purposes