Low Pressure Service Call

Inadequate Water Pressure to Home System

A&T Pump Service received a call from a new customer who was the homeowner regarding an issue with low water pressure. We started with a diagnosis of where the problem was by pumping directly out of the well which eliminates everything else in the system. It turned out that it was a water treatment device that had been placed in the wrong spot in the house that was restricting the flow to the rest of the house.


Results were a plugged water treatment device.  We removed the restriction in that device and it is working properly. Next, we gave consultation to the homeowner about recommended follow-up steps he should take for the long run.

At A&T Pump Service we find it important to not only resolve the immediate issue, but to also inform our customers on how to best move forward for the health of their system.

If you're OUT OF WATER Call us right away. We'll get your water flowing again as fast as possible!

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