Variable Frequency Drives

Reliable and cost-effective water supply from a Variable Frequency Drives

Save on motor ramp up on start along with water storage!

The Variable Frequency Drive presents all the same benefits for both Residential and Commercial grade well systems. For residents there may be a control unit conveniently located in the home. It directs changes in the submersible pump motor speed, responding to household demand. Main advantages to variable frequency drives are as follows:
  • Less ramp up and down on the pump motor
  • Wiring can be run at a lower gauge resulting in a cost reduction for new systems and upgrades
  • Less water storage required
  • Pump ramps up controlled from one phase to the next according to water volume‚Äč
At A&T Pump Service, we find the versatility and cost savings of Variable Frequency Drives offer significant advantages for most new well systems, especially for heavy duty commercial and industrial. For heavier water use the Variable Frequency Drives ideal for cost savings associated with equipment longevity, lower maintenance and reduced wiring costs for new constructions and updates. For areas where there is a long range of wire that can be considerable savings for new wells construction and well upgrades.

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